AMCHAM, JHI set to discuss how Guyana arrived at first oil at pre GIPEX event


The American Chamber of Commerce Guyana (AmCham) and JHI Associates Inc. are set to stage a discussion on how Guyana arrived at first oil, slated for Tuesday ahead of the opening of the country’s largest petroleum exhibition and conference – GIPEX.

Oil production in the South American country could get underway as early as December, now just weeks away, at the 120,000 barrels per day Liza Phase 1 Development project.

JHI, a co-venturer in the offshore Canje Block, says first oil is about more than turning on the taps. “Hard work from a lot of people with varying backgrounds and disciplines are required to find, produce, and market oil and natural gas,” the company contends.

During the discussion, Richard Boyce, Executive Vice President and a Co-Founder of JHI will focus on his experience from a 40-year career as an exploration geologist and geophysicist. He will discuss the basics of oil and gas formation, how to make and read topographical maps from sub-sea seismic data, and how to identify potential oil fields on that seismic data.

Other presenters from JHI will explain their roles within the organization, including legal, finance, and investor relations, demonstrating the need for a variety of disciplines within the oil industry. Practical videos highlighting each phase of the exploration process will be used throughout the presentation.

JHI said the goal of the presentation is to use hands-on demonstrations to explain how oil and gas are formed, and the modern techniques companies like JHI are using to find oil and gas offshore Guyana.

The discussion will take place from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm at Roraima Duke Lodge in Guyana’s capital, Georgetown. JHI said University and high school students are specially invited to participate in the event.


  1. absolutely amazed as to how operators are allowed to proceed (even in discussion stages) without a local benifit policy.

    How one can expect first oil in a month and yet there is no agreed upon benifit policy.

    Congratulations to the Chamber of Commerce for keeping this issue in the forefront.

    I personally provided Minister Trotman with a copy of an Exxon benifit plan for the Hebron development offshore Newfoundland back in 2016 which I thought might provide a good template for the benifit policy for Guyana.

    As well he was also provided with a copy of a Husky Energy benifit plan for one of their developments.

    As stated I am amazed that there is no agreed upon plan. In Newfoundland benifit plans are approved prior to (or as part of) the Development Plan Application.

    Rob Strong

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