As Guyana barrels grow, US looking for supplies to replenish strategic reserve

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With its newfound oil wealth, Guyana has quickly become an attractive partner for countries seeking to diversify their energy sources. And Guyana could be the market for the United States (US) to tap into as it is actively exploring opportunities to secure supplies and replenish its strategic reserves – three million barrels to be exact. 

The US Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), a critical component of the nation’s energy security, provides a cushion during emergencies or geopolitical uncertainties. However, changing global dynamics, President Putin’s war on Ukraine, and the maturity of existing oil fields have prompted the US government to seek alternative sources for replenishing its strategic reserves. 

Traditionally, the US has heavily relied on oil imports from politically volatile regions, particularly the Middle East. 

“Everybody is looking now for ‘sweet crude’ and we are in the market for that” – Guyana’s VP | OilNOW  

Guyana’s burgeoning oil industry offers a unique opportunity for the United States to diversify its energy portfolio. Guyana’s favourable investment conditions make it an attractive destination for energy collaboration. Furthermore, the quality of Guyana’s oil reserves, characterised by low sulfur content, aligns with the US’s preference for cleaner fuels.

Geographical proximity is another advantage that strengthens the appeal of Guyana’s oil for the US. Located near the US Gulf Coast, Guyana can offer logistical advantages, including reduced transportation costs and shorter shipping distances. This geographical proximity ensures the swift and efficient delivery of Guyanese oil to US refineries, further enhancing the nation’s energy security.

Guyana has experienced a meteoric rise in its oil production. Vast offshore oil reserves have been discovered – 11 billion oil-equivalent barrels – positioning Guyana as an emerging player in the global energy market. Industry experts predict that Guyana’s oil production could reach a staggering 1.3 million barrels per day by 2027, catapulting the country’s significance in the oil industry.


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