Brazil beefs up military presence at borders ahead of Venezuela’s Dec. 3 referendum  

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Brazil’s Ministry of Defense announced that it is closely monitoring escalating tensions between Guyana and Venezuela and has “intensified” defensive actions along its northern border. 

“The Ministry of Defense has been monitoring the situation. Defensive actions have been intensified in the northern border region of the country, promoting a greater military presence,” it said in a statement, as quoted in a November 29 Reuters article. 

Venezuela’s aggressive land grab attempts of two-thirds of Guyana’s territory heightened over the past weeks with the peak being a referendum seeking to annex the Essequibo region. 

While Guyana awaits a decision from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on its request for provisional measures to block questions from the referendum, the country is preparing for all possible outcomes

It has received backing from major strategic partners including the U.S., Brazil, Britain and CARICOM. 

Venezuela’s recent provocations included threats towards participating oil companies in the country’s bid round and individuals supporting Guyana, issued through communiques from President Maduro and Venezuela’s Defense Minister, Vladímir Padrino López, over the past two months.

In contrast, Guyana has placed its faith in the ICJ’s forthcoming ruling, urging Venezuela to honor its obligations under the United Nations Charter, specifically advocating for peaceful conflict resolution. The World Court is expected to deliver a verdict on December 1. 


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