Brazil’s Petrobras records record income


Brazilian state oil company Petrobras recorded an income of 9.205 billion dollars in 2019, which represents a 55.7 % rise compared to 2018.

According to an update from the company, the greatest revenue in its history was a result of surpassing the historical record of 3 million natural gas and oil barrels per day.

The company’s liquid income was a grand 69.322 billion dollars in 2019, 2.6 % less than in 2018, attributed to a reduction in oil prices in the worldwide market.

Petrobras has stated it reached 2019 with a net debt of 87.121 billion dollars.

There is, however, the matter of assets sales, which has sparked a strike among oil workers, subsequently turning into a legal battle between the company and the syndicates. Petrobras has made no mention of this in its balance.