Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Caribbean must take control of its natural resources, says Dominican gov’t minister

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When it comes to developing the Caribbean’s natural resources – whether it be oil and gas, gold, diamond, or bauxite – Dominica’s Minister of Planning, Vince Henderson, believes this process should be controlled internally, devoid of influence from the outside world.

Minister Henderson was among regional panelists on a Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) webinar discussion on what the global sustainable development and net-zero agendas mean for the Caribbean’s energy transition.

“We need to take control of it, it is ours and we must resist people coming from outside telling us that this thing is so easy to do, and then, they bring in all their private sector to descend upon us as if to say that we do not know how to do it,” Minister Henderson urged.

Guyana to the world: “we’ll do it our way” | OilNOW

While he acknowledged that many countries may not have the wherewithal to sufficiently exploit their natural resources and may require guidance, he maintained that they should remain at the forefront of the development of their rightful patrimony.

The CDB, according to Henderson, has been a major strategic partner for the region’s development in every facet and called on the financial institution to become the “clearing house” for the Caribbean to lessen its dependence on the outside world.

The CDB is the Caribbean’s premier financial institution, helping regional countries fund social and economic programs since 1969. It has played a vital role in some of the major projects undertaken by Guyana, from the construction of major highways to river and sea defenses, to skills training.


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