Centre for Local Business Development shortlists 35 for ElevateAll weekend business bootcamp

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The Centre for Local Business Development has announced the shortlisting of 35 entrepreneurs for its highly anticipated ElevateAll Weekend Business Bootcamp. This selection marks the beginning of Phase One of the programme, aimed at empowering local business owners, operators, and managers in the manufacturing sector.

Building on the success of the previous AccelerateHer programmes in 2021 and 2022, the Centre has shifted its focus to support businesses in the manufacturing industry. ElevateAll aims to enhance leadership and business skills, enabling participants to foster growth in their respective companies.

The Centre’s programme offers a range of resources designed to uplift local businesses, including tailored workshops, one-on-one mentoring, and a supportive peer-learning environment. The programme unfolds in two phases, with Phase One being the Weekend Bootcamp.

This year, the Centre received an overwhelming response, with over 70 applications from various regions across Guyana. The applicants represent diverse sub-sectors of manufacturing, such as food, beverages, hair and skincare products, furniture, concrete, and personalised items. From this pool of applicants, 35 entrepreneurs have been shortlisted for Phase One, with an additional 15 expected to be shortlisted for Phase Two based on their performance during the Weekend Bootcamp.

Phase One, the Weekend Bootcamp, spans three days and encompasses workshops where participants engage in peer learning, mentorship sessions, brainstorming for growth, business pitch practice, and the development of business model canvases.

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“I am excited to welcome the inaugural group of talented Guyanese entrepreneurs to the ElevateAll Programme and the Weekend Bootcamp. Given the significant growth that we are experiencing in the country, we are excited to be working with a cohort from the manufacturing sector,” said Dr. Natasha Gaskin-Peters, Director of the Centre for Local Business Development.

the Centre for Local Business Development’s Director, Dr. Natasha Gaskin-Peters

She highlighted the participants’ learning objectives, including mapping out their business structure in the current and future business landscape, mastering pitching and networking techniques, and benefitting from the guidance of experienced mentors. 

Manufacturing businesses in Guyana play a pivotal role in the country’s economic development, and the Centre’s programmes are supported by key organizations such as the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association, the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, and the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security.

Local Content Supervisor for ExxonMobil Guyana, Natina Singh said “ExxonMobil Guyana and our contractors have utilised over 1,500 Guyanese businesses to supply goods and services in 2022. Most of these businesses were [small and medium-sized businesses].”

ExxonMobil’s Local Content Supervisor, Natina Singh

The opening ceremony was also attended and addressed by first Vice President at the Guyana Marketing & Services Association (GMSA), Rafeek Khan; and the Guyana government’s Director of Commerce, Safrana Cameron. Brooke Glasford, from Caribbean Clothing Co. Ltd, also gave a testimony based on her participation in the AccelerateHer programme, and encouraged the ElevateAll cohort to start the bootcamp with open minds.

The Centre and the ElevateAll Programme receive financial backing from the Greater Guyana Initiative, funded by ExxonMobil, Hess, and CNOOC, the co-venturers of the Stabroek Block.


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