Centre partnering with Lloyd’s Register to deliver training in Guyana

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The Centre for Local Business Development (Centre) started its API Spec Q1 Mentorship Programme as one of the current capacity building programmes offered by the Centre after signing its Memorandum of Understanding with the American Petroleum institute (API) in 2020.

In 2021, the Centre partnered with Lloyd’s Register (LR) to offer a mentorship programme to build the capacity of Guyanese manufacturers and fabricators to meet the API Q1 specification – an industry-leading quality management standard critical to manufacturers in the international oil and natural gas sector.

Lloyd’s Register has a 262-year history of bringing assurance and safety to the maritime industry. Throughout this time, Lloyd’s Register has helped the implementation of high-quality standards worldwide and are now fully operational in Guyana.

“This is a key programme and next step for many manufacturing businesses that have been through the ISO Mentorship Programme. We are grateful for this partnership that can help to further elevate many local businesses,” said Dr. Natasha Gaskin-Peters, Director of the Centre for Local Business Development.

For the last several months, since establishing a presence in Guyana, Lloyd’s Register has been working closely with local companies in partnership with the Centre. This collaboration has focused on bringing the required industry standards and quality systems for these companies to achieve a minimum of ISO 9001 certification and help elevate their best practices with API Q1 accreditation.

“This partnership, which aligns with our mission and vast expertise, is focused on developing a safety-based approach in the maritime supply chain in Guyana, which ultimately will place local companies in a position to support the international operators that are already working in the country with the required recognised technical and safety standards,” said Patrick Ribeiro, Country Manager of Lloyd’s Register in Guyana.

The Center said this mentorship programme partnership with Lloyd’s Register represents a true partnership and development for API Standards in Guyana.


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