Chamber to launch Business Directory on Day 1 of GIPEX


The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) will be moving to launch its Business Directory on the evening of the first day of the Guyana International Petroleum Exhibition and Summit (GIPEX) set to take place on November 20 – 22.

“The Business Directory is intended to be a publication that speaks to the capacity of local businesses. We have members who can provide products and services in various sectors. So, in one document a person would be able to understand what services and goods the members of the Chamber can provide,” GCCI President Nicholas Boyer, told OilNOW on Wednesday.

Boyer said the discussion about local content always include the capacity of businesses and their ability to provide goods and services. “That is why, particularly around the GIPEX event, we will be trying to promote local capacity here in Guyana,” he stated.

The Chamber has been collaborating with the organising body for GIPEX to ensure participation from Guyanese companies at the signature event is maximised.

Speaking at recent press conference to launch GIPEX 2019, GCCI Executive Director, Richard Rambarran, said there are already a number of companies registered to participate in the event and the Chamber is actively working to ensure more of its members take part.

“From the Chamber’s perspective, we look forward to having a number of members making business connections, participating in the conference—which we look at the agenda and see that it ought to be very informative based on the speakers,” he said.

The GCCI Business Directory will be launched at a cocktail reception, set to take place at the Pegasus Hotel in Georgetown.