Dr. Bynoe has ‘excellent credentials…doesn’t have to be world-class expert on everything’ – Harmon

Joseph Harmon, Guyana’s Minister of State

Dr Mark Bynoe’s appointment as Head of the Department of Energy was an excellent choice since he comes with a wealth of knowledge says Guyana’s Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, in response to criticisms that Dr Bynoe may not be suitable for the post.

Mr Harmon said that Dr Bynoe was appointed by President David Granger himself.

He told a news conference at the Ministry of the Presidency on Monday that, “The Heads of Departments within the Ministry of the Presidency are appointed by the President.”

Mr Harmon said too, “he comes with excellent credentials, apart from his stated qualifications, the work he has done on climate change and environment…he has wide experience.”

In further justifying the appointment, Mr Harmon noted that Dr Bynoe will be supported by persons with the requisite skills and Knowledge.

He added that “Dr Bynoe doesn’t have to be a world-class expert on everything. He is now going to head up a team that will identify the specific skills which we need for the department and we are going to pay for that.”

Meanwhile, he noted that the Government is taking the necessary steps to build the capacity of the Department of Energy.

He said, “This is to ensure that the best people in the world are hired for the department.”

The State Minister pointed out that the transition process between the Ministry of Natural Resources and Department of Energy has already begun.

He said, “We already have a structure and we already have advice on the structure from the World Bank, Commonwealth Secretariat and we are going to ensure with the best possible advice that we will take the best decisions necessary in the interest of the people of Guyana.”

Dr Mark Bynoe, who is an Environment and Resource Economist, officially took up the appointment on August 1, 2018.