Thursday, August 11, 2022

Energy Chamber urges Guyanese to ‘quickly adjust and learn fast’ as opportunities grow

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The Guyana Oil and Gas Energy Chamber (GOGEC) is urging Guyanese to “quickly adjust and learn fast” about the oil and gas sector so that they can maximise benefits from the growing opportunities in the South American country.

“Before 2015, nothing happened really in terms of oil and gas,” said President of GOGEC, Manniram Prashad. “And so, we now must quickly adjust and learn fast. We must not reinvent the wheel. We saw what happened in Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela…we must not have the Dutch Disease.”

Prashad recently made the remarks at the launch of the GOGEC Training Centre. He said the organization had intended to conduct a training session with students across the country to inform them of the fundamentals of Guyana’s booming oil industry and the opportunities that exist for them to take a leading role. He noted however that this was postponed due to examinations and a training session was held instead with GOGEC members which included representatives from Demerara Contractors and Engineers Limited, Cyril’s Transportation Services, Excel Logistics and Management services (Guyana) Inc., the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited, and the Guyana Shore Base Inc.

Speaking to the purpose of GOGEC, Prashad was keen to note that it was established in 2017 following several oil discoveries in the Stabroek Block. He said, “…Before 2015 nothing happened really in terms of oil and gas, and after the discoveries, we knew we had to move quickly and learn fast…We saw what happened in Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela, the sort of problems that they face.”

Acutely aware of the issues facing those oil dependent nations, Prashad said the Chamber was formed as a non-political organization to facilitate operators, subcontractors, and service providers, some of which make up its diverse membership, in accessing opportunities while serving as a bridge for local skills and services to be utilized.

The Energy Chamber Head said, “Ultimately, our aim is to make sure the benefit of the oil and gas industry trickles down to all Guyanese, especially to the poor and vulnerable. That’s our mission, basically.”

He is hopeful that the training centre will serve as a platform for ensuring this is effectively accomplished.


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