Wednesday, November 30, 2022

German envoy gives Guyana thumbs up for balancing sustainability goals with oil development

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A German envoy has commended Guyana’s President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali for government’s efforts to balance the growth of the oil and gas sector with its low carbon development strategy. This is according to a statement from the Office of the President.

The envoy, Ambassador and Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean from the Federal German Foreign Office, Marian Schuegraf, made the comment while on a courtesy visit to the Office of the President in Georgetown, along with German Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, Ute König.

“That is so important for other countries also in the region, to show that the development for people is possible while preserving the natural treasure and exploiting the richness,” the President’s Office quotes her as saying. “So, therefore, the region and also, Europe will look on you and how you deal with that issue.”

Ambassador Schuegraf said she learned about the President’s plans and how they are being carried out, adding that such development could be a big signal for cooperation with Germany and the European Union.

Particular commendation was given to Guyana for its record on managing its largely untouched forest, noted to be “leading in the world”.

President Ali took the opportunity to remind the diplomats about the importance of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties scheduled for Q4 2021 in Scotland. He urged that Germany and the EU push an agenda for the creation of climate vulnerability funds for the developing world, and for greater commitments to sustainability targets.

Dr. Ali told the envoy that his government is in receipt of proposals from persons of German heritage for solar power and electrical power transmission projects.

The Government’s plan is to add 500 MW of new power by 2025. Half of that is expected to come from natural gas, and the other half from renewable energy sources.

In this regard, the President recognized Germany as a leader in alternative energy.

President Ali said, “There is so much we have to work on together… You can count on Guyana to play our role in global leadership in terms of the environment, making responsible decisions and being part of a responsible coalition to face challenges.”

Guyana’s plan to diversify its economy and avoid oil dependency while providing world-class education, healthcare, and sustainable housing also formed part of the discussions.

The President’s Office said Ambassador Schuegraf committed to relaying their discussions to German authorities.


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