Wednesday, September 27, 2023

‘Energy Guyana’ rolls out 2nd edition with focus on gas-to-power, increased local participation in industry

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The 2nd edition of the new publication – Energy Guyana – was released this week with special focus on the country’s plans to pipe gas to shore from the Liza field, government’s push towards renewable energy and the increasing involvement of local suppliers in the rapidly expanding oil and gas industry.

“In this issue, we pay special attention to Guyana’s gas-to-power project,” Editor-in-Chief of the publication, Gwen Evelyn said. “The pace is quickening to harness energy from offshore natural gas in a big and meaningful way since this project could be a key driver for the nation’s industrial development for decades to come.”

She said even in the face of the pandemic, the sector is gaining strength and optimism prevails. “As stakeholders seek to regroup, recover and thrive as the pandemic persists, they have not lost sight of the most important issue: how to get maximum value from the nation’s energy resources while minimizing environmental risks.”

The new edition looks at Guyana’s journey towards becoming a regional powerhouse through the development of its vast and rapidly increasing hydrocarbon resources, the country’s push for the establishment of a solid local content policy and the role key stakeholders have been playing in pursuit of these objectives.

The magazine was launched last December and is being published quarterly.

Click below to read the new edition

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