G-Boats, SRSGY train 26 more Guyanese for offshore placements

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More and more Guyanese are entering the world of work in Guyana’s emerging oil and gas industry, even as the debate over the proposed local content policy continues in the country.

To this end, 26 Guyanese recruits on September 12 were exposed to practical training on marine rigging at the John Fernandes Wharf on Water Street, Georgetown.

The recruits are from a batch being trained by Strategic Recruitment Solutions Inc. (SRSGY). The company have already secured employment for a number of Guyanese with US marine transportation service provider, Edison Chouest Offshore’s domestic affiliate, G-Boats (Guyana) Inc.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Officer for G-Boats Guyana Inc., Ann Barron, explained to OilNOW that the company, currently providing services to ExxonMobil Guyana for its Stabroek Block operations ahead of first oil, was ensuring hands-on training for recruits.

She said, “we are trying to build local content,” adding that training is critical to helping the recruits have a better understanding of the industry ahead of setting foot on any of the vessels.

The SRSGY partnership, according to Barrow, is long-term and some recruits have already begun working on a number of the company’s vessels.

SRSGY’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kerri Gravesande-Bart said the company, through its partnerships with entities such as G-Boats and others, is looking to have a pool of trained Guyanese ready for immediate employment in the sector.

She explained that through SRSGY, a person can become trained while being paid, and are then certified in various fields.

“So, it’s not just the training but we are actually finding jobs for them,” Gravesande-Bart said.

According to the CEO, “The recruits are future placements in varying positions, these positions are ordinary sailors and able-bodied seamen.”

She said the course content includes rigging, lifting and slinging applications that are “needed when loading and offloading cargo either at the rig or at shore base facilities in Georgetown and Trinidad.”

The recruits were all drawn from regions 3,4, 5, 6 and 10; comprising some experienced sailors and others completely new to the industry.

One such recruit, 45-year-old Terrence Edwards, lauded the initiative by SRSGY, saying, “I think this is a great opportunity they are giving to us locals, to train us, and due to the training, we have an opportunity to go and work onboard the vessels.”

He shared with OilNOW that the practical training provided has in fact “opened up our eyes” and spoke to the different scenarios the recruits were being prepared for, such as working under hazardous conditions and in bad weather at sea.


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