Guyana oil production data available online since last year – Gossai Jr.

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Guyana’s Ministry of Natural Resources pointed out on Monday that oil production data can be easily accessed by the public via the Ministry’s Petroleum Management Programme website: This follows reports in the media about the data not being publicly available.

Speaking briefly with OilNOW, Senior Petroleum Coordinator at the ministry, Bobby Gossai Jr. said, “We had this website active since the middle of last year and it is dedicated to capturing all of the information for the sector. If you visit the website, there is a tab titled Data Centre which allows users to see weekly, monthly, yearly, and historically, data pertaining to produced water that is injected; gas flared, used for operations or reinjected, and importantly, oil produced from both production platforms.”

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The Senior Petroleum Coordinator said this data can be generated via graphs depending on how the user wishes to view it. He added that the reader must note that the data visualisation tab is updated daily. Specifically, it is oil price data sourced from S&P Platts Crude Oil Market Wire that is updated daily. Gossai Jr. explained that the production information has a one-month lag. This is because the ministry must verify the daily reports against final monthly reports.

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In a statement to the media on the subject as well, the ministry was keen to highlight that the website also provides information on Local Content and the Gas-to-Energy project.

It said the website aims to promote and support the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources by regulating, managing, and monitoring the industry to ensure that the resources are developed with economically viable practices that attain improved prosperity for all Guyanese.

The ministry, and by extension the Government of Guyana, said it remains committed to transparency and knowledge-sharing for the prudent management of Guyana’s advancing oil and gas sector.


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