Guyanese company to set up waste transport service for oil sector

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Asif Auto Imports, a Guyanese vehicle retailer, is on the verge of making a stride into waste transport. They are set to establish a dedicated waste transport service tailored for the thriving oil industry in Guyana.

Owner, Asif Zafarali, told OilNOW the company will be called AAI Transport and Logistics Inc.

They plan to focus on providing the service to waste management companies – Sustainable Environmental Solutions (Guyana) Inc. (SES) and Tiger Rentals subsidiary, Environmental & Technical Solutions Inc. – both operating at the Guyana Shore Base Inc’s (GYSBI) Houston base. However, they will also be open to new clients.

The project strategy was published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on August 6, as part of the environmental authorisation process. The hazardous waste transportation to the SES facility at the Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI) would take place approximately twice per week or based on necessity, the strategy states. Moreover, they intend to transport hazardous waste along specific routes, ensuring the safe and efficient transit of waste from multiple sources over approximately 4.9 kilometres (km) to GYSBI and about 7.3 km to the Haags Bosch Sanitary Landfill.

Georgetown’s infrastructure would also play a pivotal role, with the project leveraging the commercial infrastructure for its operations. The IWMF’s proximity to greater Georgetown ensures easy access, while their strategies take into consideration the surrounding residential and school zones.

A fleet of nine vehicles is set to transport a substantial 350-400 metric tonnes (MT) of hazardous wastes per month. This project will also generate employment opportunities, as approximately six personnel will be needed for the general handling of waste.

Before start of operations, Asif Auto Imports is keen on ensuring they abide by every rule in the book. They intend to seek full compliance with all applicable local laws and regulations. This includes an important step of registering with the Local Content Secretariat, which allows Guyanese companies to benefit from preference in the award of contracts.

The waste disposal needs of the oil industry in Guyana continue to grow, as drilling and production operations expand. 


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