Guyanese recruitment firm expands services to Suriname as deepwater operations grow

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Guyanese firm Strategic Recruitment Solutions Inc. (SRS) has expanded its professional network and services to Suriname. Effective May 4, 2021, SRS launched a partnership with the Suriname based Humus Consulting. The Joint Venture, Strategic Recruitment Suriname N.V., will provide the level of services and human resources multinationals require through selection and specialized training of local companies and individuals.

“We are thrilled to be working with Humus Group and doing what we love to do”, said Kerri Gravesande-Bart, Co-Founder (with husband Lloyd Bart) and Chief Executive Officer of SRS (Guyana), which also has a presence in the USA.

In Guyana, SRS is well-known for building relationships and helping clients grow their businesses by providing talented and qualified companies and personnel on the market. With the 7-stage end-to-end recruitment process, SRS (Guyana) said it provides unsurpassed quality, which most local employment and temp staffing agencies have a challenge to offer. “Extending our portfolio to Suriname is an exciting part in our growth journey. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with the locals, ensuring that capacity building of the local labor force is our main priority,” Gravesande-Bart stated.

She also serves as Chair of the Board of Directors with executive responsibilities for the company’s overall operation, business development, and financial management. Her role extends to growing market share (locally, regionally, and internationally) risk management, contract negotiations, human resources, and the oversight of all corporate and employee policies and benefits.

Key industry partner

Demis Johnn

Humus Consulting, headquartered in Paramaribo, is leading the Joint Venture in Suriname. Demis Johnn, CEO of Humus Consulting and Strategic Recruitment Suriname, is aware of the impact the company will have in the oil and gas industry, and beyond the country’s borders. He sees the Joint Venture as a natural extension of the consulting group.

“Humus stands for growth and with the next big driver of growth for Suriname, the offshore oil and gas industry, it is in our trajectory to become a key partner in the industry,” he said. “We are especially excited to prepare Surinamese people to work in the promising oil and gas industry, creating a skilled and long-term local human resources base. Of course, it is a challenge to compete with the many expats from other countries who are currently dominating the job market in the sector. But with SRS (Guyana) as our partner, we are confident that we will succeed in getting the local content percentage up.”

He said SRS (Guyana) has a proven success formula of which locals in Guyana and the offshore companies are already benefitting from.

Major opportunities

Humus Group co-founder, Dr. Semanthe Gits, said the new opportunities in oil and gas represent a way out of the crisis that the country currently faces. She said this will require leadership from the Surinamese business community to seize the major opportunities coming the country’s way.

“The ‘Ethics first’ approach of SRS is the foundation of the collaboration with Humus and will be the basis on which Strategic Recruitment Suriname will do business across different sectors in Suriname,” Gits said.

“We are ready to contribute to inclusive growth through local ownership and providing equal opportunities for citizens of Suriname,” CEO Johnn added.

SRS (Guyana) is an ISO 9001-2015 and Trace International Certified Brand established in Guyana in 2018. The company said with over a hundred employees and presence in the U.S., it has asserted itself as a leader in the recruitment, staffing, employment, and consulting sectors.

Twenty-one oil discoveries have been made offshore Guyana since 2015, the bulk of which were made by ExxonMobil at the prolific Stabroek Block, while a total of 5 discoveries have been made so far offshore Suriname.

The rapid increase in exploration and production operations in the Guyana-Suriname basin will see the demand for human resources continue to grow in the coming years.


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