Halliburton launches EarthStar X Service

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Halliburton Company, a leading provider of oilfield services, has unveiled its latest innovation in drilling technology – the EarthStar® X near-bit shallow and ultra-deep resistivity service. This cutting-edge addition to the iStar® intelligent drilling and logging platform is set to revolutionise well placement accuracy and maximise asset value.

The EarthStar X service incorporates a near-bit, ultra-deep reservoir mapping sensor that allows for precise detection of geological changes at an early stage. This capability enables quick well trajectory corrections, ensuring the well remains in the most productive zones of the reservoir. By accurately identifying reservoir changes, operators can optimise well placement, minimise production risks, and enhance overall asset performance.

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One of the key advantages of the EarthStar X service is its integrated shallow resistivity measurements, which offer early reserves evaluation and accurate fluid characterisation. This comprehensive reservoir insight not only enhances decision-making but also reduces operational complexity and associated risks. With a deep understanding of the reservoir, operators can make informed choices regarding production strategies, leading to improved efficiency and resource optimisation.

Jim Collins, Vice President of Sperry Drilling at Halliburton, highlighted the company’s commitment to meeting industry demands. He stated, “We listened and responded to operators to create the industry’s ‘closest to bit’ ultra-deep resistivity measurements. The EarthStar X service enables accurate reserves evaluation to help place wells in the productive zone of even the most complex reservoirs.”

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The EarthStar X service utilises ultra-deep azimuthal resistivity measurements and advanced inversion processing to map the geology in three dimensions. This enables precise geosteering, geostopping, and geomapping, providing real-time visualisation of fluid and bed boundaries. By accurately placing the well in the most productive zone of the reservoir, operators can significantly increase the net-to-gross value of the section.

The EarthStar X service boasts the industry’s closest ultra-deep azimuthal resistivity sensor to the bit, enabling early detection of formation changes. This capability allows for timely adjustments to the well path, avoiding premature exits and optimising drilling efficiency.

By combining accurate reservoir mapping, early detection of geological changes, and real-time visualisation, this innovative service promises to enhance well placement accuracy, improve reservoir understanding, and maximise asset value.


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