High-level caucus on petroleum set for today


Guyana’s Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has organised a high-level caucus for Cabinet Ministers to engage global thinkers and experts on natural resource management as part of the Government of Guyana’s agenda to prepare for petroleum production in 2020, and beyond.

In a statement on Tuesday, MNR said the event will be facilitated by Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs through its New Producers Group, and will feature world-renowned experts Sir Paul Collier, noted Professor of Economics at Oxford University, Sir Shridath Ramphal, Caribbean Statesman and Advisor, Mr. Eric Parrado, former Manager of the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Chile, Ambassador Patrick Duddy, Lecturer, Duke University, Dr. Valerie Marcel, Chatham House Fellow, Professor Matthew Andrews, Harvard, Kennedy School of Government, Professor Peter Harrington, Harvard, Kennedy School of Government, Mr. Patrick Heller, Advisor, Natural Resource Governance Institute, and Dr. Paloma Mohamed, University of Guyana.

MNR said the Guyana Government’s objective is to move preparations to a deeper level of engagement on issues such as prioritizing spending on infrastructure, agriculture and social programmes, inter-generational savings, geo-political considerations, legal and institutional strengthening, benefit sharing and engagement and involvement of the people of Guyana, to name a few.

This caucus, being held on Wednesday March 21, is expected to lead to further similar engagements in a scheduled and programmatic way in the months ahead, MNR stated.