‘Mighty and unstoppable hand’ shaping Guyana’s future – President Ali

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President of Guyana, Dr. Irfaan Ali is urging his fellow citizens to look toward the future with high optimism as the South American country prepares for a massive economic transformation. Below is Mr. Ali’s message delivered on the occasion of Christmas 2020.

Fellow Guyanese,

The First Lady and I, and our son, are delighted to greet you on this joyous occasion of Christmas. This is our first Christmas message to the nation.

Christmas is a time for saying thanks. I therefore wish to begin by expressing my appreciation to all of our citizens, at home and in the Diaspora, whose loyalty and love of country make us feel proud to be Guyanese. I thank our frontline workers for their admirable courage and commitment in the face of the threats posed by the pandemic.  I applaud the members of the Disciplined Services for the efforts they are making to improve safety and security.  I thank our public servants, miners, fishers, farmers and workers in the manufacturing and services sectors and, indeed, all Guyanese, who have helped us navigate this most testing year. Through our combined efforts, we are fashioning a better life.

Christmas is a celebration of life. At Christmas, we honor life by commemorating the birth of an infant, Jesus. The Holy Bible announces the mission of Christ as one aimed at giving life and doing so abundantly.  Through our Christmas traditions, we do a little more, have a little more, and ensure that the less fortunate receive a little more of our kindness. These are our ways of commemorating the life-giving gift of Christmas.

Life and hope are intertwined. Christmas echoes a message of hope.  Whatever our circumstances or however daunting the challenges we face, Christmas reminds us that hope offers a respite from distress, disappointments, and despair. Our recent history has vindicated the hope with which we were seized when things, temporarily, went asunder.

Guyanese are a sturdy people. We have overcome past crises. We will overcome the present pandemic, and we will be ready to confront future crises, should they arise.

Our country has a bright and exciting future ahead. A mighty and unstoppable hand is scripting our future.

We therefore must avoid the temptation of succumbing to negativity and despondency. I urge that we trust in and believe that, with the Creator’s guidance, we shall emerge stronger, more resilient, and united.

I encourage all Guyanese to keep the embers of hope alight.  May you all have a happy and hope-filled Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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