Oil paved way for over 20 suppliers, 15 sub-contractors and 212% ramp-up in staff – says Guyanese firm Gaico

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Within less than five years of joining the ranks of service providers for ExxonMobil which is leading development and exploration operations in the Stabroek Block offshore Guyana, Gaico Construction Inc. has matured into one of the company’s key Guyanese partners in the sector. Making this revelation known via ExxonMobil’s Ripple Effect video series which places the spotlight on local content development, was Managing Director of Gaico, Mr. Komal Singh.

Komal Singh

Singh was keen to note that since his company entered the sector, it has benefitted significantly from over a dozen major contracts in the oil industry while adding that it has grown into one of the most diverse firms locally, specializing in civil construction and now well equipped with a huge marine department for oil spill response and waste management.

Singh said that his company’s involvement with ExxonMobil is mostly with civil works as he disclosed that Gaico supports Exxon in dredging and maintaining the shorebase basin so ships can be safely docked. The Managing Director was proud to reveal as well that his company has been working with Exxon on waste management projects also.

The opportunity to work with the oil major in this regard paved the way for a strong partnership with the reputable Corena Group of Finland.

Further to this, Singh stated that on the job training has been excellent while adding that there has been zero Lost Time Injury (LTI) on all projects and no major accidents.

Singh said, “Our team (represents) 99.9 percent local content. We started out in the industry with 40 employees and now we have over 125 employees in the system and we have over 20 suppliers and 15 subcontractors. This is due to the involvement we have in the oil and gas industry.”

OilNOW understands that a strategic partnership between Gaico and the Government Technical Institute is expected to build local capacity and increase training via a fabrication yard this year.

Gaico’s prominence has also allowed it to seal a partnership with Guyana Shorebase Inc to further develop waste management capacity and boost the training and hiring of more locals to service the oil and gas industry.


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