One Basin Three Nations launches Regional Energy Training and Technology Center

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One Basin Three Nations (OBTN) has launched a new Regional Energy Training and Technology Center based in Suriname, created by joining forces with strategic internationally established industry partners such as MINTRA Group, Technology Catalogue and IN-VR. OBTN’s said its goal is to deliver value to customers in the Guianas and Caribbean by providing the best possible technology, training and development solutions.

Training & Development (OBTN Training Portal)

In collaboration with the MINTRA Group, OBTN is delivering market-leading, cloud-based e-Learning courses for the Guianas and Caribbean. “We have 80 plus active e-Learning courses available for safety-critical industries (such as OPITO IMIST) that enables efficient delivery, management and reporting of workforce training and competence remotely and from one centralized solution,” OBTN said. “We can also offer tailored Training and Development Solutions.”

Caribbean Energy Technology Platform (CETP)

OBTN has also partnered with to deliver the Caribbean Energy Technology Online Platform in Q3 2021. CETP connects tech start-ups and scale-ups and end-users to solve industrial and energy challenges through rapid deployment of technologies.The platform allows tech start-ups and scale-ups to become visible to showcase their technology solutions to other companies globally who might be interested in their products and services. OBTN said businesses can be registered for free on the Technology Catalogue Platform.

“Our focus will be to attract hundreds of regional and global investors interested in learning more about investment opportunities in the Guianas, as well as promote local companies, SMEs and establishments,” OBTN said. “Showcasing Guianas investment potential and promoting knowledge transfer by internationals to the Guianas and much more.”


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