OTC 2019: Interest in Guyana soars as companies ask; “how do we get in?”


A tremendous amount of interest is being shown in Guyana by visitors and participants at the Offshore Technology Conference, with a number of companies wanting to know, “how do we get in?” Greg Clarke of HFS Corporate Services Inc., explains:


  1. In light of the Guyanese Govt.’s (PM’s announcement of Super highways and Railways as urgent infrastructure requirements), companies asking “how do we get in?” at OTC should be ones proposing establishment of Asphalt and Concrete Plants in Guyana as well as crushed stone, to avoid having to import finished materials, etc. Thus, Port Infrastructure development, to allow easier importation, should be number 1 priority, which when in place would allow for the concurrent development of the the road and rail infrastructure by companies with plants inside Guyana.

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