PHOTOS: Stena Carron upgraded during survey in Spain

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The Stena Carron left Guyana for Spain two months ago for its Special Periodic Survey (SPS). The maintenance procedure is almost over, Stena said in a recent LinkedIn update. 

Stena Directors welcoming the Stena Carron to Las Palmas

Stena said the rig underwent a replacement of its thrusters. 

Maintenance was performed on the vessel’s sheaves. Stena has removed and replaced both the main and auxiliary wells of the vessel, conducted full bearing replacements, and installed an upgraded greasing system for improved performance. 

“Keeping our equipment in top shape for smooth sailing ahead!” Stena said. 

The Stena Carron has been actively involved in ExxonMobil’s exploration, appraisal, and development program offshore Guyana. After the completion of the SPS, the vessel is scheduled to return to Guyana to continue its operations.

Currently, ExxonMobil has six drillships under contract for its operations in Guyana. Alongside the Stena Carron, the company employs the Stena Drillmax, also from Stena Drilling. The other four are from Noble Corporation, namely the Noble Tom Madden, the Noble Sam Croft, the Noble Don Taylor, and the Noble Bob Douglas.


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