Ramps says will meet Local Content Secretariat’s reasonable demands

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Ramps Logistics says it will accede to document requests made by the Local Content Secretariat, in its bid to be placed on Guyana’s Local Content Register.

It said this in a statement after receiving a letter from the Secretariat’s Director, Martin Pertab, explaining why its initial application was denied.

“The letter included reasonable documentation requests that our lawyers are already working on submitting,” the company said. Ramps had previously denounced “dark forces” it said may be standing in the way of its certification.

The Local Content Secretariat’s response indicated that Ramps made submissions which did not fit the requirements outlined by the agency. Ramps was given an explanation of the Local Content Act’s requirements, and told that the information submitted were insufficient for a proper compliance evaluation to be done.

Gov’t warns Ramps it must submit documents that are not misleading | OilNOW

Most notably, of the requirements to be considered a Guyanese company, Ramps was informed that its documents were not sufficient to establish Deepak Lall as its new Guyanese majority shareholder. Additionally, its submissions only indicated that 60% of its executive and senior management positions – not meeting the 75% minimum threshold outlined in the Act.

Ramps said it is looking forward to working together with the Secretariat to promptly resolve the situation, and that it is committed to meeting all its reasonable and lawful demands.

“We continue to appreciate all the voices that echoed our sentiments and began a critical discourse on the subject of Local Content,” the company added.


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