Six groups submit bids as Guyana closes first-ever offshore licensing round

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Guyana’s National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) opened bid documents from six groups vying for the country’s offshore oil blocks. Majors ExxonMobil and TotalEnergies, which already have interests in the jurisdiction, are among the set. 

The groups are:

1. TotalEnergies, Qatar Energy, and Petronas

2. Delcorp Inc., Watad Energy and Arabian Drillers

3. ExxonMobil, Hess, and CNOOC

4. Liberty Petroleum Corporation and Cybele Energy

5. Sispro Inc.

6. International Group Investment Inc. and Montego Energy

The Tender Board’s minutes did not specify the blocks these groups submitted bids for, as this was not included in the bid documents. These will be extracted from the expressions of interest made ahead of bid submissions, OilNOW understands. 

While all 14 blocks received expressions of interest during the round, it is not certain how many of the blocks were actually bidded for. Some groups may have pitched for the same blocks, while a single group may have even made a play for multiple blocks.

The government is expected to publish the complete details of the submissions in The Official Gazette, as required by law. 


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