Technology at core of Exxon’s deepwater operations in Guyana – Upstream President

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Technology is a major facet in oil and gas development and remains an integral part of ExxonMobil’s deepwater operations in Guyana’s offshore Stabroek Block.

Liam Mallon, President, ExxonMobil Upstream Company attested to this during an exclusive interview with OilNOW.

“…at the core of what we are doing in Guyana, technology plays a really important role,” he told OilNOW.

Mallon explained that in deepwater oil and gas development, Exxon’s technology helps to precisely “image” what occurs thousands of miles below the sea surface. And in every aspect of its Guyana development, Exxon has integrated industry-level technology, leading to continued success in the Stabroek Block.

“We put the first automated drilling platform out here where we are taking people out of harm’s way off the rig floor and automating some of the drilling processes. We are using artificial intelligence and data management to remotely monitor and optimise production, reduce emissions, optimise all the aspects that are really critical to this whole operation,” Mallon explained.

In Exxon’s recent exploration campaigns in the Stabroek Block, Mallon said the company has been using newer technology to study deeper zones.

“That has been very successful and actually has led to some of these discoveries we have announced recently,” he pointed out. 

To date, Exxon has made over 30 discoveries in the Stabroek Block; close to 11 billion barrels of recoverable resources since the first in 2015. And with a record-breaking development pace, it currently has two production vessels online in the block.

By 2024, this will increase to four. And eventually, at least 10 floating, production, storage and offloading vessels will be in the Stabroek Block.


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