TOTALTEC teams up with Skills Assurance to offer Guyanese companies a new suite of eLearning packages

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TOTALTEC has announced its collaboration with Skills Assurance, a provider of eLearning training solutions, to introduce comprehensive eLearning packages tailored for Guyanese companies working in, and supporting the energy sector. TOTALTEC said it aims to enhance worker safety standards, with Skills Assurance’s extensive catalog of more than 200 courses.

The partnership will have TOTALTEC offer both standard and customized training packages. Standard packages have been developed for the major Guyanese industries of Onshore/Offshore, Industrial, Construction, and Hospitality. TOTALTEC said the packages will include 12 to 15 courses covering various aspects of industry-specific knowledge and safety protocols.  

The development of ‘company specific’ customized eLearning packages is also offered, which TOTALTEC said is important due to the diversity of companies requiring training and their varying maturities. 

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TOTALTEC CEO Lars Mangal said “Through easily accessed, comprehensive eLearning packages, managers of both local and international companies can ensure workforce competence and project skills compliance. Individual competencies are tracked [and] can be managed at individual and team levels, including for specific work projects, with prompts for ‘training refreshing’”. 

The course packages include an emphasis on best practices, human behavior, and regulations. TOTALTEC said that by prioritizing safety, it aims to foster a culture of safety awareness, which ExxonMobil and the major service companies continue their work to build.  

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Mangal said: “Our partnership with Skills Assurance marks a significant milestone in our training services, and is the perfect compliment to our ongoing classroom and practical offerings. Those began in 2018 and have now provided training to more than 3,000 attendees.” 

A release from TOTALTEC said that one of the important features of Skills Assurance’s eLearning training programs is its close relationship with Petrofac, a company that deals in energy industry infrastructure. Petrofac provides direct operational and project management experience input to the training programs, ensuring they are up to date on the most recent advances. 


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