‘World’s leading safety service provider’, RelyOn Nutec, coming to Guyana

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RelyON Nutec (MD), an offshore safety consultancy headquartered in Copenhagen, has decided to expand its presence in the region through a strategic partnership with the Guyanese-owned Atlantic Marine Supplies Incorporated. NL says it is the world’s leading safety service provider.

It said the move is necessary to support accelerating demand for safety and technical services.

Near Guyana, RelyOn Nutec already serves Brazil and Trinidad & Tobago.

It delivers safety, compliance and competence services and solutions around the world. Its new site, located in Houston, Guyana, will be a state-of-the-art training facility equipped with NL’s full suite of safety and technical training services and simulation technology.

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MD’s managing director, Wendy Zilla, said “It is an exciting time for this region with Guyana being a key element in our company’s strategy. Our global footprint now spans 22 countries with this investment. We are committed to supporting our clients across the oil and gas industry and want to ensure our services are available in-country.”

She said Atlantic Marine has proven to be a suitable partner, sharing MD’s vision. Atlantic, an ISO-certified company, has been distributing and retailing marine equipment and spare parts for over 15 years.

Atlantic Marine’s managing director, Vincent Thakur, said “As a Guyanese entrepreneur, we have seen and benefited from the significant growth in the oil and gas sector. Atlantic Marine Supplies Inc. has been fortunate to support the industry through its core business and this partnership has allowed another opportunity to do so.”

The partners, who have built years of relationships with the Guyana private sector, expect the new venture to provide more opportunities for Guyanese nationals and supporting businesses, consistent with the spirit of Guyana’s Local Content Act.

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