Trinity Exploration hits “virgin oil” in super-mature basin in TT 

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UK-based energy company Trinity Exploration & Production has made a groundbreaking discovery of what it refers to as “virgin oil” in an exceptionally mature basin onshore Trinidad and Tobago. 

Trinity Exploration & Production announced on August 7 that it had successfully encountered hydrocarbons during its drilling operations at the Jacobin-1 well, a venture that pushed the boundaries of exploration by reaching a total depth of 10,021 feet. It said that this makes Jacobin-1 one of the deepest wells drilled in recent history within the Palo Seco region.

The discovery’s significance lies in the well’s substantial yield; 290 feet of net oil pay, with 63 feet of net oil pay found in the deeper exploration targets. The well’s journey began on May 15, 2023, with the primary objective of assessing and exploring the potential of Lower Cruse sandstones within the Southern Basin’s Palo Seco area.

The company asserted that these results have not only validated their geological model but have also fallen within the pre-drill range indicative of a commercial discovery.

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Trinity announced that the oil extracted during well testing is expected to be swiftly sold to Heritage, a company operating within the PS4 license area under Trinity’s jurisdiction. This strategic move is projected to facilitate rapid revenue generation immediately following the completion of the drilling process.

Jeremy Bridglalsingh, Chief Executive of Trinity Exploration & Production, lauded the achievement as a pivotal moment for the company and the broader industry. 

He stated, “This is a very significant and material achievement by the team. To find virgin oil in our mature acreage points to a step-change in our understanding of the hydrocarbon system, the remaining resource potential, and how we can approach the exploitation of these resources.”

Trinity’s plans include undertaking a comprehensive production testing program, slated to commence in September. 


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