Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Two firms bid to supply 30,000 home solar energy systems, in aid of Guyana’s transition

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Guyana’s National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) received two bids for the supply of 30,000 solar photo voltaic home energy systems, supporting the country’s hinterland energy plan.

Rajasthan Electronics & Instrument Ltd.’s entered a bid for US$8,387,462.

Premier Energy Ltd. entered a bid for US$13,230,000.

The government plans to roll out this project early in the new year. Much of it will be funded by a line of credit of US$7.2 million extended to Guyana by the government of India.

In keeping with a massive growth agenda, the government says its energy use can increase fivefold by 2030. And with its transition plan, even in the face of this expansion, the government says it can keep emissions at 2018 levels.

It is progressing with various solar and hydropower projects at various population centres around the country, and a massive Gas-to-Energy project.


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