US pledges support to Guyana as country preps for first oil

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The United States of America stands ready to assist the South American country of Guyana in its efforts to ensure the proceeds from oil production benefit all Guyanese.

In a message on the occasion of Guyana’s 53rd independence anniversary celebrations, US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, said he two countries have been friends and partners for decades, and the US commends and encourage Guyana’s continued leadership on matters of regional concern.

He said the American Chamber of Commerce – Guyana, which was established in 2018, continues to create trade partnerships and opportunities, resulting in greater prosperity for both Guyana and the US.

“As Guyana looks toward production of its oil resources, the United States stands ready to assist to ensure all Guyanese will benefit.  The United States looks forward to a future of strong ties and collaboration based on our shared democratic values,” Pompeo stated.

Guyana celebrated it 53 independence anniversary on May 26.


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