US$9.8 billion set aside by Petrobras to push decommissioning strategy

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Petrobras has inked an agreement with Porto do Açu, located in São João da Barra, Rio de Janeiro (RJ), to facilitate the sustainable decommissioning of oil and gas platforms. The new partnership aims to ensure environmentally responsible platform decommissioning. 

The three-year contract between Petrobras and Porto do Açu allows for the utilisation of docks at the port for platforms undergoing decommissioning until their final destinations are determined. Petrobras said the agreement encompasses a range of support services, including electricity supplies, to facilitate the decommissioning process.

By 2030, Petrobras aims to decommission a total of 26 platforms. 

The process involves a series of activities to permanently cease the operational capacity of the platforms, marking a natural phase in the oil and gas industry’s production cycle.

Petrobras has earmarked US$9.8 billion to support its decommissioning efforts, as outlined in its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan.

The first test of this was the successful disposal of the P-32 platform in July. The P-32 platform was the first disposed of under Petrobras’s sustainable disposal model. The platform was auctioned, and the successful bidder was GERDAU S.A, in partnership with the shipyard, ECOVIX.

The P-32 platform, which was located in the Campos basin, will undergo recycling processes at the ECOVIX yard, ensuring that it adheres to the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability.


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