VIDEO: Stena Carron returning to operations in Guyana

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The Stena Carron rig is returning to operations in Guyana after undergoing its Special Periodic Survey (SPS) in Las Palmas, Spain, Stena said in a LinkedIn post. 

The SPS is a detailed inspection and maintenance procedure essential for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance of drilling vessels. This routine is usually conducted every five years for offshore drilling vessels.

Stena indicated that the vessel underwent several upgrades in Spain.

Vessel trackers MarineTraffic and VesselFinder indicated that the rig left Las Palmas on March 21 and is estimated to arrive in Guyana on the morning of April 2. 

Stena Carron at the start of its trip back to Guyana (Video: Stena Drilling and ASTICAN)

The Stena Carron is committed to ExxonMobil’s extensive exploration, appraisal, and development activities offshore Guyana. 

Currently, ExxonMobil has six drillships under contract for its operations in Guyana. Alongside the Stena Carron, the company employs the Stena Drillmax, also from Stena Drilling. The other four are from Noble Corporation, namely the Noble Tom Madden, the Noble Sam Croft, the Noble Don Taylor, and the Noble Bob Douglas.


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