Ms Allan Heeralall Health and Safety Officer JSL International Guyana. Address the Offshore team facilitating the first local Crew Change.


As per our company policy and our enforcement of standards to improve safety, JSL International takes pride in our Health, Safety and Environmental obligation, not just to ourselves but to out clients and employees.

Each employee is trained in Health, Safety and Environmental issues to which they may be exposed.

On the day of our first crew change (March 29th 2018) we conducted what we called our HOT TOPICS TRAINING. This is seen as one last safety brief before the offshore workers departOn the day of the crew change the topic of “STOP WORK” was chosen.
This can defined as the authority given to each member of staff to stop an unsafe work related act, practice or job. It is not only their right to work in a safe atmosphere but their responsibility to ensure every task they’re involved in will not cause injury, illness or environmental concerns to anyone or anything.

Our employees where reminded about situations where a STOP WORK would applied and the proper procedure that should be followed.


  1. Hi j.s.l.It’s great news that you are employing locals now.I am a seafarer and would like to apply for a job too.How can I get in touch to be able to do so.

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