Coming oil bonanza is ‘more than we can spend in a lifetime’ – Trotman

Raphael Trotman, Guyana’s Minister of Natural Resources

Guyana’s Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, during an interview on Monday at his Duke Street, Georgetown office, said the Government is not oblivious to criticisms in the oil and gas sector, but noted that it must be constructive.

He said, “What we are hearing in Guyana is no different than what is heard in other countries where they have made a major discovery of a resource and so all of the experts say that this kind of noise and criticism is quite expected. It happens elsewhere, whether it is Brazil or Kenya. You always have a minority that is shouting very loudly that everything is bad.”

The Minister, nevertheless, did admit that criticisms do hurt at times, “because I know that they (critics) know better.”

But he said he is constantly reminded that government has to stay resolute to the cause of developing a sustainable oil and gas industry.

“In Norway, which is held out as this bastion of good management of the resource; the head of Norway Petroleum department said to me that you should be very grateful that you have ExxonMobil here in Guyana. He is saying that it is one of the best companies in the world in terms of standards for environmental health and safety and in terms of dealings with Governments and so forth. But that is not to say that we are dealing with angels.”

The Natural Resources Minister said the Government is aware of the fact that Exxon is in the business to make a profit, “but Guyana is going to be making billions in US dollars, it is not a pittance. It is more than we can spend in a lifetime and that is why we are looking to see how we can prepare for the future.”

Mr. Trotman was adamant that the Government will remain focused and will do what needs to be done to build an oil and gas industry based on accountability and transparency.


  1. What does a lifetime mean? His lifetime? Which is at most another 50 years? That of his unborn grandchildren? What are we talking about here? That of a coral reef ecosystem?

  2. Very encouraging news Mr. Trotman. Also uplift the Guyanese nation. Reduce inflation, and give the Guyanese dollar value again

  3. Why i can’t I bring myself to like this statement of our Minister of Energy…because it sounds like an excited child in a loaded candy store..or tempting me to use the phrase..”A fool and his wealth ..will soon part..”..It’s all well to fell excited and exuberant about Guyana’s imminent wealth from the Oil& Gas Industry..but lets infuse the thought of country’s vast development first and foremost..bring that to the people ..How is a lifetime..I would like to bring to the attention of our dear Minister and my fellow Guyanese…the Oil wealth of Venezuela..which decades ago was the wealthiest country in South America from the Oil we speak..the country’s wealth and intake revenue is only worth about $10billions..and the entire population starving..some eating from the garbage ..the social and Health facilities have collapsed cause their citizen to seek humanitarian refuge from our soon to be rich Guyana..What the Hell went wrong with Venezuela Oil wealth.. So I think our Minister should engage a better and more intelligent caption..

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