Founder of Guyana’s first 100% locally-owned manpower services company steps down

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In a pivotal move that ushers in a new chapter for Strategic Recruitment Solutions Inc. (SRSGY), Kerri Gravesande-Bart, the trailblazing leader behind the brand, has revealed her decision to sell her shares and step down from her role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective Friday, August 11, 2023. This strategic decision marks a momentous milestone for both SRSGY and Kerri herself, showcasing the company’s evolution under her dynamic leadership.

Gravesande-Bart, along with her husband Lloyd Bart, co-founded SRSGY five years ago, driven by a shared vision to unlock the untapped potential of individuals by aligning them with their clients’ organizational strategic plans. Through her exceptional leadership and steadfast commitment, Gravesande-Bart has navigated the company towards remarkable achievements, including securing ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Systems Certification, Trace Certification, and securing significant manpower contracts within the oil and gas sector.

Guyanese recruitment firm and youth development body enter training agreement | OilNOW 

Under Gravesande-Bart’s stewardship, SRSGY has undergone substantial growth and emerged as a distinguished player in the oil and gas arena. This progress has garnered significant investor interest, prompting Gravesande- Bart’s decision to divest her shares. This strategic transaction promises to infuse the company with additional resources and support, accelerating its ongoing expansion and innovative pursuits.

FLASHBACK: (From L to R) Celebrating the Launch: Laurinda Tseng, SBM Offshore Supply Chain Manager, Moen McDoom, SRSGY Director, Lloyd Bart, SRSGY Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Ann Barron, G-Boats HSE Officer, Kerri Gravesande-Bart, SRSGY Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Treacy Roberts, ExxonMobil Guyana Socio-Economic Advisor, Callum Balflour, Stena Carron Rig Manager and Deon Vigilance, SRSGY Director. (FILE PHOTO)

Speaking about her decision to step down, Gravesande-Bart conveyed her gratitude and shared, “The journey of building and leading SRSGY has been an extraordinary one. I am immensely proud of our collective accomplishments. Our journey has not only encompassed business success but also made strides in fostering diversity and inclusion within the sector. We were committed to creating an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences thrive equally. Our aim was to cultivate a workplace that not only embraces diversity but also recognizes it as a pivotal driver of innovation and triumph. With a robust foundation now in place and an exceptionally talented team, I believe the moment is opportune for fresh leadership to navigate the company towards its next phase of expansion and prosperity.”

Local recruitment firm excels at ISO 9001-2015 surveillance | OilNOW

The reins of SRSGY’s future will be steered by the capable hands of the Board of Directors, in collaboration with Guyana Logistics and Support Services. This transitional phase signifies SRSGY’s commitment to continuity and growth, ensuring that the company continues to flourish under renewed leadership.

FLASHBACK: Team SRSGY – Some of the Guyanese trained and employed by SRSGY, gathered at the launch of the company. (FILE PHOTO)

The staff at SRSGY shared their sentiments and experience of working with the Barts – 

“Gravesande-Bart has been an exceptional boss who leads by example, demonstrating resilience, integrity, and a strong work ethic. Her ability to inspire and empower her staff is beyond compare, she also fosters a culture of inclusivity and encourages collaboration, enabling each of us to thrive and contribute our best,” said Colette Dey (Accounts Payable Assistant).

“Working for Gravesande-Bart has truly been a great experience, not only does she use her platform to advocate for women’s empowerment both socially and economically, her leadership, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence make her an extraordinary role model for aspiring leaders. It is a privilege to work under her guidance, and I am confident that her influence will continue to shape her future endeavors,” Dey continued.

“I am delighted to offer my heartfelt testimony to my exceptional boss, with whom I had the pleasure of working as her assistant for two enriching years. Her strength of character, unwavering kindness, and empowering leadership style was truly inspiring,” Menakshe Pooran-Shiwdas (Executive Admin Assistant)

“She consistently encouraged me to reach for the stars and provided a nurturing environment for personal and professional growth. Her mentorship has positively shaped my career trajectory. I am forever grateful for her invaluable guidance and unwavering support,” Pooran-Shiwdas added.

Jael Mentore-Stewart (Talent Acquisition Assistant) said “Working with Gravesande-Bart has thus far certainly been an experience I would not forget. It has been a learning experience working with Kerri, both personally and professionally. She is an individual who cares about her staff’s well-being because she knows and understands the pressures of life she checks in with us and gives us support in whatever way she can so that the company can get the best out of us professionally.”

Stewart added “She pays attention to her staff so she can tell when something is bothering us. Kerri has invested in her staff personally whether it’s with her time or with finances. She has personally invested in my educational development and showed me support when I was at my lowest in life. I can surely say she is a BOSS that ANYONE would love to work long side.”

Nathaniel Edmondson (Crew Welfare Assistant) also commented and said “I would have to say that for the time being that I have worked with Kerri over the past year, I can certainly say that she is one if not the most understanding boss and the commendable person I have worked with. I can also say that she will continue to become a better person as time progress.”

“It has been such a great pleasure working with Kerri and Lloyd. Kerri has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation and I am happy to have a manager and mentor in one and Mr. Lloyd Bart whose witty comments would quite often leave the room filled with boisterous laughter. Not many persons are able to work with a management team who is as caring and understanding as Lloyd and Kerri are, and I am grateful that I have the privilege to work with such an amazing team,” added Melisa Harry (Talent Acquisition Officer).

“Lloyd and Kerri possess the best management style which has allowed me to achieve clear actionable goals both personally and professionally, their phenomenal leadership traits and vision for both the company and employees has allowed me to work with a wide spectrum of persons within a different multicultural society. The working environment which they have provided is very flexible, engaging, supportive, transparent, dynamic, diverse and there is never a dull moment with your colleagues,” she continued.

Khandi Griffith (Brands and Communication Officers) also said “I am at a loss for words when it comes to expressing how influential and supportive both Kerri and Lloyd have been to my professional and personal life. They have both created an environment that fosters growth and individuality. They have successfully demonstrated what a good leader looks like and has set the standard as to what to expect from future employers. I am truly grateful and privileged to have such an opportunity in working with two phenomenal individuals. Thank you for your commitment, encouragement and motivation and know that your future is ensured in Christ.”

During this transition period, Gravesande-Bart will work closely with the executive team and the Board to ensure a smooth handover and provide valuable insights and guidance.


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