Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Guyana open to receiving support for oil & gas training from Australia

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Guyana has been actively reaching out to its international partners for support and advice as the country continues to put systems in place for oil production, set to begin in 2020. One area where maximum support is needed is training and capacity building which would allow Guyanese to equip themselves with the skills required in the oil and gas industry.

The country’s Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, told a team of Australian Diplomats that support from their country in the area of oil and gas training would be welcomed by Guyana.  The team visited Mr. Trotman at his office in Guyana’s capital, Georgetown on Friday.

Ms Penny Williams, Deputy Foreign Minister and Trade Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs in the Australian Government along with Mr John Pilbeam, Australian High Commissioner to Guyana, met with Mr. Trotman to discuss issues related to Guyana’s natural resources sector, including oil and gas, gold production and opportunities that these sectors may have for future cooperation, the natural resources ministry said in a statement.

The discussions also touched on where Guyana is with the development of its Sovereign Wealth Fund. Mr. Trotman pointed out that fund will be managing revenues not only from oil and gas, but also from mining and forestry, with a view to enhancing transparency in the entire natural resources sector.

The Australian officials committed to examining ways in which the friendship and cooperation between the two countries could be enhanced.


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