Guyanese contractors needed to help expand country’s largest shorebase operation

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Guyana Shorebase Inc. (GYSBI) is set to expand its capacity with the construction of a new operations center at its Houston/McDoom location along the East Bank Corridor. To bring this vision to life, the company is actively searching for qualified contractors capable of managing the necessary construction services for this ambitious project.

In its recently issued Request for Information (RFI), GYSBI has outlined a comprehensive blueprint for the forthcoming facility. This innovative center will consist of two distinct buildings, with construction unfolding in two sequential phases. Following the completion of each individual structure, the subsequent phase will entail an integration process.

GYSBI set to hire more locals to support Gas-to-Energy project | OilNOW 

GYSBI’s Executive Director, Robin Muneshwar has said that the company plans to expand. Its current operation occupies an expansive 170-acre space, boasting eight warehouses and four berths. The company recently held a job fair, which attracted over 1,000 job seekers. 

GYSBI occupies a pivotal role as the paramount onshore logistics hub and shore base for Guyana’s oil and gas sector. It is a leader in advancing local content development, employing a workforce of over 600 individuals, 95% of whom are Guyanese nationals.

The company delivers an extensive array of support services to the oil and gas sector, encompassing vital areas such as waste management, warehousing, construction, supply chain management, and logistics services.

Notably, GYSBI has secured an 11-year contract extension, ensuring its continuous provision of services to ExxonMobil’s Guyana affiliate, Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL). This renewed commitment extends up to 2033, building upon an existing contract awarded in 2017. With this timeframe, GYSBI has directed substantial investments of approximately US$300 million into port infrastructure, real estate development, warehousing, and crucial support services.


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