Guyana’s oil production hits 645,000 barrels per day

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The total output from Guyana’s Stabroek Block developments sits above 600,000 barrels per day (b/d) currently, surpassing projections set by the operator, ExxonMobil Guyana Limited (EMGL). 

“Overall, our production capacity across all three facilities is now at 645,000 barrels per day and we continue to look to understand what constraints are and test opportunities to safely increase capacity,” said EMGL’s new Production Manager Huzefa Ali at a media briefing on Feb. 6. 

Exxon has the Liza 1, Liza 2 and Payara projects online. 

EMGL’s new Production Manager Huzefa Ali and President Alistair Routledge (OilNOW: Feb. 6/2024)

Exxon impact studies cater for higher production at projects offshore Guyana | OilNOW

The South American nation’s current capacity is about 85,000 b/d more than the initial 560,000 b/d target. 

Ali said that the Liza Destiny is producing around 160,000 b/d while Liza Unity is producing around 250,000 b/d and Prosperity is producing approximately 230,000 b/d. Prosperity achieved start-up only in November. Production was ramped up to 220,000 b/d in two months

“I know there are always questions about [optimization] and I want to reassure that safety is always the priority,” commented EMGL’s President, Alistair Routledge. 

Exxon is looking to smash production goals with its Guyana developments. This year, Routledge said the company is expected to hit 500 million barrels of total production since the first drop of oil hit the Liza Destiny in 2019.

“That is the target we have in mind for later this year if we continue from the path we are on – from an operational performance point,” he added. 

Optimization of Guyana projects is expected to happen faster and faster

Exxon is now targeting the Yellowtail, Uaru and Whiptail development projects. Yellowtail and Uaru have already been approved. Whiptail is under review and the government expects Exxon to submit plans for a seventh project this year. All the production vessels currently in operation offshore Guyana have been built by SBM Offshore.

Exxon is the operator of the Stabroek block with a 45% stake. Hess owns 30% and CNOOC owns 25%


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