Noble to cut emissions from Guyana operations by 12%

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Noble Corporation said it is implementing new energy efficiency upgrades to enhance sustainability on drillships operating offshore Guyana. 

“CO2 emissions will be slashed by over 5,700 tons/year for each rig, amounting to a 12% reduction. This initiative includes advanced technologies like high-efficiency ventilation and smart start systems, and is part of Noble’s broader decarbonization strategy,” the company said in a LinkedIn post. 

The Guyana government continues to urge operators to find ways to reduce the emissions associated with their operations.

In 2022, Noble’s Guyana operations accounted for a third of its revenues, at US$469 million out of US$1.4 billion – more than any other jurisdiction in which it operates. Guyana is expected to continue to be the king of the pile for Noble, boosting its revenues. 

Four Noble Drillships are currently under contract with ExxonMobil – the Noble Bob Douglas, the Noble Don Taylor, the Noble Sam Croft, and the Noble Tom Madden. Last year, Exxon signed a commercial enabling agreement (CEA) with Noble, extending its hold on the four ships from Q4 2025 to Q2 2027.  

Exxon also utilizes two Stena rigs for its Guyana operations.

Noble projected late last year that the Guyana-Suriname basin would need 6-7 ultra-deepwater (UDW) rigs through 2024, with potential upside from 2025 onwards. While Exxon’s continuous operations dominate this demand, wells are drilled sporadically by other operators in Guyana and Suriname. 


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