Ramps Logistics, Flying Ship Technologies forge eco-friendly shipping revolution in Caribbean and South America

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Ramps Logistics Limited has taken a significant step towards transforming shipping in the Caribbean and South America. The company has inked a letter of intent with Flying Ship Technologies Corporation to introduce unmanned autonomous, eco-friendly wing-in-ground-effect vessels, known as “Flying Ships,” to the region. The collaboration promises to reduce shipping costs, cut transit times, and minimize the carbon footprint in the shipping industry.

By leveraging the proximity of the Caribbean and South America, Ramps said it aims to streamline logistics processes and enhance trade within the region, aligning with CARICOM’s vision to facilitate the movement of goods.

Shaun Rampersad, Chief Executive Officer of Ramps Logistics, expressed his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking project, stating, “This project will be critical to connecting the Caribbean and South America by facilitating the movement of commodities, bridging the gap within CARICOM.” He highlighted the transformative impact of Flying Ships, explaining that these vessels are “ten times faster than boats and one-quarter of the cost to maintain and operate compared to planes.”

Ramps said its decision to adopt Flying Ships’ advanced wing-in-ground-effect vessels is not only a move towards eco-friendliness but also a step towards greater efficiency. 

“These autonomous vessels promise enhanced shipment efficiency while reducing the risk of human errors. As the global market demands faster and more sustainable delivery methods, this partnership exemplifies a commitment to staying ahead of the curve and leading the way in sustainable, rapid logistics,” it outlined in an August 23 statement. 

Bill Peterson, CEO of Flying Ships, commended Ramps Logistics for their forward-thinking approach, stating, “Ramps Logistics is going to create a high-speed distribution network using Flying Ships across CARICOM that will enable delivery van-sized payloads to virtually anywhere with a coastline.” He added that Ramps Logistics is one of the pioneering adopters of their revolutionary technology and envisions a thriving, internationally connected economy across the Caribbean and Americas.

Born from discussions at the Caribbean Investment Forum (CIF) 2022, the partnership was unveiled at CIF 2023, Ramps said. Beyond their shared objectives, the alliance sets a precedent for a future where cutting-edge logistics technology and environmental consciousness come together to revolutionize the shipping industry.


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