T&T firm wants to farm into land-based oil blocks in Guyana

Satellite panoramic map of Guyana, physical outside.

Decker Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd., a Trinidadian company focused on the production of asphalt, has formally expressed its intention to pursue onshore exploration and production of hydrocarbons in Guyana.

OilNOW has learnt that the expression of interest came days after a representative of Decker Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd. met with officials of the Ministry of Natural Resources earlier this week.

The company said that they intend to perform their own seismic survey and tests to determine whether there is a presence of hydrocarbons.

While a specific location for exploration has not yet been identified, land-based petroleum blocks are available in the Takatu Basin and sections of the Guyana Basin. The Guyana Basin includes both shore-based and offshore prospects, inclusive of the Stabroek Block, operated by ExxonMobil in partnership with Hess and CNOOC Nexen.

Decker Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd. was established in 1996 and is a privately owned Trinidad and Tobago based company. The production of asphalt is its core activity. The company is currently pursuing diversification of its products and upgrading equipment to meet current and future demand.