US-based group tapped by Guyana government to build Gas-to-Energy onshore facilities

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The US-based partnership CH4/Lindsayca has been given the green light from the Guyana government to construct the 300-megawatt (MW) combined cycle Power Plant and Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Facility for its transformative Gas-to-Energy project.

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali in a statement on Thursday said it was the number one ranked group of out of a list of nine pre-qualified bidders. Now, negotiations will start for the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Contract. This should conclude by November’s end.

Power China fell in the second position and President Ali made it clear that should negotiations go sour with CH4/Lindsayca by the end of November, it would be engaged.

The government has also selected Engineers India Limited to supervise the EPC.

President Ali remarked that “…this is a significant movement forward in Guyana, not only achieving energy security, but in achieving an important benchmark that is a reduction in our energy costs so that our manufacturing and industrial development and expansion can take place and so that the ordinary families and the ordinary people can feel a substantial reduction in the cost of electricity in their pockets and in their households.”

“Just for reference, a family at the end of this project that now pays GY$20,000 per month in light bill or electricity costs will see that cost coming down to GY$10,000,” he added.

The 300 MW power plant and NGL plant will be owned by the government.

An international firm will be competitively selected to operate the project.

ExxonMobil is expected to deliver the completed pipeline to the power plant by the fourth quarter of 2024, to achieve commissioning and testing of the power plant by the end of 2024.

The Project is expected to deliver power at less than half of the current costs.


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