Upcoming major shorebase seeking local suppliers for up to 90 services

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The Vreed-en-Hoop Shorebase Inc. (VEHSI) has taken a significant step towards its December completion date by seeking local service providers to meet its operational needs. The company recently published a request for information (RFI) to identify potential contractors offering between 30 and 90 services. 

With the final pile driven and the successful completion of the Galileo Galilei reclamation project, VEHSI is now prioritising local content providers for Foundational and Facility Management Services in its shore base in Region 3, along with additional services in Region 4.

Milestone for Guyana’s West Demerara as sod turned for new US$300M Vreed-en-Hoop shore base | OilNOW 

The RFI covers a wide array of technical and commercial services required by VEHSI. Some of the areas in which service providers are sought include maintenance, repair, cleaning, and servicing of various systems such as water, HVAC, electrical, gas, and generator systems. General maintenance tasks such as gardening and pest control are also included in the scope. The company aims to engage local businesses to fulfill these needs, in adherence with Guyana’s Local Content Act.

The Local Content Act (2021) is a fundamental aspect of VEHSI’s operations, and the company is keen on ensuring that potential contractors are well-versed with its provisions. The company has urged prospective bidders to utilize the resources provided by the Centre for Local Business Development (CLBD) to enhance their understanding of the Act and how it aligns with their services.

Vreed-en-Hoop Shore Base Inc. (VESHI) forms part of the Port of Vreed-en-Hoop and is meant to be the special-purpose vehicle to serve ExxonMobil’s Yellowtail project.The first phase of the project is expected to be delivered by December 2023.


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