Canada sanctions 40 Venezuelans with links to Maduro regime

Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Canada has announced sanctions on key figures in the Maduro regime in what the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says is designed to send a clear message to the Venezuelan government that “their anti-democratic behaviour has consequences.”

Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs, announced the sanctions on September 22 against what was described as “the people responsible for the deterioration of democracy in Venezuela.” A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the measures are consistent with Canadian principles and values and aim to maintain pressure on the Government of Venezuela to restore constitutional order and respect the democratic rights of its people.

Under the Special Economic Measures Act, Canada is imposing targeted sanctions against 40 Venezuelan officials and individuals who have played a key role in undermining the security, stability and integrity of democratic institutions of Venezuela.

“Canada will not stand by silently as the Government of Venezuela robs its people of their fundamental democratic rights. Today’s announcement of sanctions against the Maduro regime underscores our commitment to defending democracy and human rights around the world. Canada stands in solidarity with the people of Venezuela as they struggle to restore democracy in their country,” commented Ms. Freeland.

These decisive actions are in response to the Government of Venezuela’s deepening descent into dictatorship. By imposing sanctions on the Maduro regime, Canada, the statement said, demonstrates its strong commitment to the return of democracy in Venezuela.