Guyanese crew members get thumbs-up for safety onboard Chouest vessels

Guyanese working onboard the MV Cat Island

Several Guyanese crew members working onboard the Edison Chouest MV Cat Island, Fast Titan and Hannah Chouest vessels have been recognized for their safety performance.

The El Dorado Offshore employees were recognized by ExxonMobil through the company’s Catch of the Week safety performance initiative which encourages all onboard to participate by submitting safety observation cards. These cards record environmental, personnel and general safety issues arising from normal supply vessel operations.

Five of the Guyanese mariners onboard the three vessels currently supplying offshore operations in the Stabroek Block were awarded small tokens by ExxonMobil.

Their actions included safety observations pertaining to the use of a crane, environmental protection, and safety of the vessel.

Twenty Guyanese currently work on rotation on the 3 vessels being operated by Edison Chouest in the positions of cooks and ordinary sailors. El Dorado Offshore said Oilers will soon be added to the complement of employees.

The company currently employs a total of 42 Guyanese rostered on the Chouest, Stena Carron and PGS vessels.