101 major subsea assets installed in Guyana waters by Edison Chouest C-INSTALLER vessel

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Edison Chouest’s (ECO) C-INSTALLER – a 318 ft. multipurpose support vessel has operated in Guyana for the past five years and has been integral to the country’s offshore oil operations. 

ECO shared that the C-INSTALLER positioned 101 major subsea assets offshore; including 38 tubing heads, 48 Enhanced Vertical Deepwater Trees (EVDTs) and 15 jumpers – used as an interface between subsea wells, manifolds, riser bases, and flowlines while accommodating significant static and dynamic loads.

The C-INSTALLER also handled minor subsea works including positioning steel flying leads (SFLs), electric flying leads (EFLs), dynamic positioning beacons, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) recoveries among others. 

G-Boats’ newest tugs were named by Guyanese students | OilNOW 

“A client also named the C-INSTALLER Vessel of the Month for April 2023. These milestones would not have been possible without the C-INSTALLER’s crew maintaining a pristine safety record. Since it began operating in Guyana in 2018, the vessel has had zero recordable incidents with a total of 904,488 exposure hours,” ECO said in a release. 

“This work is a testament to everyone involved. There have been hundreds of folks involved to support all of these activities,” said Captain Jimbo Williams. “As you can see, in the past five years, we have not had much idle time. It has been progress in motion for five years. Thousands of hours go into what we do, and the C-INSTALLER is always up to the task.”

Since its opening in 2018, Edison Chouest Offshore’s local affiliate – G-Boats – has accumulated a total of 22 vessels operating offshore Guyana in support of ExxonMobil’s Stabroek Block exploration and production activities.

Those 22 vessels have over 400 Guyanese – accounting for a little under 76% of its total workforce.

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