Blue Water Shipping launches Guyana office, to bring world-class logistics services

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Promising world-class logistics services in modern supply chain management, global provider Blue Water Shipping launched its Guyana office this week to tap into the country’s ever-expanding oil and gas sector.

Since the first major discovery in 2015 by ExxonMobil, Guyana has emerged as a key player in the global oil and gas industry. And Blue Water Shipping is now among the international companies looking to add to that success.

During a ceremony at the Guyana Marriot Hotel, BWS’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Energy, Ports and Projects Thomas Bek said the company is bringing with it 50 years of experience in the logistics field.

“The importance of timely and accurate deliveries and compliant local handling is imperative to maintain a steady operation offshore. Logistics plays an important role – this is something the recent pandemic has made obvious,” he noted.

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The pandemic indeed strangled the global movement of major goods and equipment, emphasizing the need for better logistical services in times of crisis. And with BWS located locally, it puts Guyana at an advantage.

Already, the company has been supporting Guyana’s oil and gas sector, he said, as it handles logistics for the Liza Destiny and Liza Unity floating oil platforms, and will do so for the Prosperity vessel, currently under construction.

“Blue Water Shipping Guyana, Ltd. will remain majority Guyanese-owned, maintaining full compliance with local content law,” Bek said.

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BWS Guyana will be run by Richard DeNobrega, serving as the Vice President (Sales and Development). He spoke to the company’s acquisition of the local Falcon Logistics to significantly expand BWS Guyana’s service offerings. This includes shore base, warehousing, trucking, laydown management, heavy haulage and lifting project-related business into and out of Georgetown.

“We have built our service excellence upon a unique personalized focus on the needs of the client. In the majority of cases, our solutions are by no means out of the textbook or traditional and this is what continues to set us apart from the competition. We are here to listen to the client and to do more than just provide a service but to provide solutions,” DeNobrega noted.

The company currently has a 55-member Guyana team.

It will be providing training to Guyanese through its two-year management trainee program.


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