Stabroek block co-venturers to publish 2023 financials in Q224

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ExxonMobil, Hess, and CNOOC will publish financial reports of the 2023 earnings of their Guyana affiliates in the second quarter of 2024, said ExxonMobil Guyana President Alistair Routledge during a Feb. 7 press conference. 

He was asked to provide a breakdown of earnings for Exxon’s Guyana affiliate, following the US$36 billion profit reported by ExxonMobil Corporation. 

“Those figures will come out when we publish our accounts in about April timeframe,” Routledge stated.

The company produced 142.9 million barrels of crude in 2023 at the Stabroek block, valued at approximately US$11.6 billion, according to Guyana’s Ministry of Finance. 

Exxon brought the Payara project online in November, boosting production

The government of Guyana approved the Uaru project in 2023, kicking off development works that progressed alongside the development of the Yellowtail project

Exxon also advanced construction on its Ogle command center, which is expected to be completed this year. In tandem with this, the company advanced pipelaying for the Gas-to-Energy project and the laying of a fiber optic cable

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