Company planning to use recycled oil waste for production of bitumen, liquid mud

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Oilfield Waste Management Services (OWMS) plans to construct a thermal desorption waste treatment plant in Guyana to support the growing oil exploration activities offshore the South American country. Recycled oil from the treatment plant will be used in the manufacture of bitumen and liquid mud, according to a summary of the project seen by OilNOW.

The facility is expected to be established and operated at Little Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

“The plant is based on a thermal desorption separator (hammer mill) which uses friction to heat wastes so that oil residue are evaporated,” the company explained in documents submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency.

The evaporated oil and water contents are then condensed and recaptured/separated. The remaining solids can then be safely disposed or reused.

According to the ProJet summary, the recaptured oil will be used in the Liquid Mud Plant manufacturing process while the solid wastes will be used in the bitumen manufacturing process. “No solids are expected to be sent to landfills,” the document stated.

The facility will feature a treatment plant of about 5000 m2, which will be divided into an operation area, oily cuttings storage area, treated cuttings storage area, and office and living area.


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